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For the golden rescue time, Yuxin Biomedical donated 15 sets of "12-lead electrocardiographs" to Zhongshi


For the golden rescue time, Yuxin Biomedical donated 15 sets of "12-lead electrocardiographs" to Zhongshi

[Reporter Lu Shiguang/Comprehensive Report] Cardiovascular disease is the second among the top ten causes of death in China. Time is the most important key to treating patients with acute myocardial infarction. In order to assist Taichung to improve emergency rescue energy, the Taiwan Branch of American Merchant Uxin Biomedical Co., Ltd. specially donated 15 sets of 12-lead ECG systems.

Yesterday (26), Chen Youting, Executive Vice President of R&D Department, donated to the Municipal Fire Bureau, Deputy Director Director Yang Yuanji received the gift and presented a thank-you card on behalf of Dr. Yuxin for his kind deeds.

QT Medical announces FDA clearance of PCA 500, a resting 12-lead ECG (EKG), for use in pediatric patients.

According to the Fire Department, the US-based Yuxin Biomedical Co., Ltd. has recently developed a miniature 12-lead ECG machine and patented electrode patches. Through the simple and easy-to-understand APP user interface, the 12-lead ECG examination is greatly simplified, allowing medical-grade 12-lead ECG The operation can be easily completed at any time and at any place. The first case from the ambulance personnel recording the electrocardiogram to the AI-assisted system's interpretation, and then returning to the online medical guidance line group only takes about 30 seconds, and the electronic fire department ambulance record table is used synchronously.


The system can immediately notify the evacuation to the hospital for first aid and prepare for cardiac catheterization, which greatly speeds up the pre-hospital diagnosis, shortens the treatment time, and effectively improves the rescue time of patients with acute myocardial infarction. Deputy Director Yang expressed his gratitude to Yuxin Biomedical Co., Ltd. for its generous donation of NT$3.75 million and 15 sets of miniature 12-lead electrocardiographs to the fire station, which can improve the ability of colleagues to execute suspected myocardial infarction cases. Convenience and quality make this heart-saving and life-saving tool a sharp tool for helping citizens. It is hoped that through this act of kindness and righteousness, more companies will participate in the grand event, so that Taichung's pre-hospital emergency rescue will be more complete, protect the health of the general public, and jointly create a happy and safe Taichung.



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