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Powerful Features Innovative EKG electrode strip makes heart care simpler

Time saving

Decrease leads placement time by 70% and procedure time by 30%.

Easy & Simple

Minimal training required, and decrease errors from leads reversals and misplacements.

Lower infection

Single use, minimize risk of infection.


Consistent placements make it possible to perform serial comparisons of ECGs overtime.



Patented pre-positioned electrodes

  • Simplifies lead placement procedure.
  • 70% faster setup time. 
    Most of the time, traditional 12-lead wires intertwined with each other. So, ECG Performers have to spend extra time to sort the lead wires. Then, they have to spend additional time matching the right lead-wire with the right electrode. By applying QT Medical ECG electrode strips, PCA S101-107, with PCA 500, the setup time can be 70% faster than ever before. With the saved time, you can save more lives!
  • AHA & IEC compliant.
    QT Medical ECG electrode strips, adhere to AHA & IEC guidelines.  
  • Proven usable by patients with no training. 
    For a traditional 12-lead ECG, technicians have to obtain professional medical training in order to complete the test. But QT medical makes the 12-lead ECG accessible to everyone. Just by reading our quick guide, anyone can perform 12-lead ECG with our prepositioned electrode strips and PCA 500.
  • Electrode Strip available in 3 Pediatric sizes and 4 Adult sizes. 
    1, 2, 3, S, M, L, XL
  • Excellent adhesion and tracing.
  • Latex-Free and allergy-tested.

How to place the Electrode Strip

Our electrode strip can be placed by anyone! Please take a second to watch the quick video that demonstrates just how easy it is to set up a 12-lead ECG with our Electrode Strip.

Please click here to download

QTM Sizing Guide (Letter)

Please click here to download

QTM Sizing Guide (A4)


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