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You order, We deliver !

Xpress ECG is an online order mail delivery ECG service. Place the order online, QT Medical will deliver. Upon completion, the ECG is sent to the cloud, and the recorder is mailed back. 'You order, We deliver', Simple as that!

Lowest Cost Solution for the Best ECG Technology

■ NO cost for PCA 500 ($5,000 value) with 12-month Membership Plan including 100 electrodes
■ NO cost for PCA 500 ($5,000 value) with 90-day Membership Plan including 12 electrodes

Improving Heart Health Through Superior ECG Technology

PCA 500 is the first FDA-cleared hospital-quality 12-lead ECG designed for professional and personal use. Its patented, proprietary electrodes streamline ECG procedures and reduce errors.

Revolutionary ECG — PCA 500


PCA 500 makes 12-lead ECG procedure so simple that people with no experience or training, even patients, can complete a medical standard ECG test.


Conventional ECG machines carry significant risks for disease transmission. PCA 500’s single-use electrode and compact ECG recorder reduce the risk of infection.


No more placing 10 separate electrodes and connecting 10 lead wires. PCA 500 electrodes save up to 70% of time in leads placement.


Even well trained, experienced technicians make mistakes-- 2% of ECG tests have lead-placement errors that can lead to misdiagnoses. PCA 500 greatly reduces the chances for such errors.


Thanks to the single-piece electrode design, no leadwires, and superior signal processing algorithms, the quality of ECG conducted at home is comparable to, often better than, tests done in the hospital.


All ECGs are managed in the HIPAA-compliant cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. PDF reports easily upload to EMR.

TESTIMONIALS Hear what doctors, patients, users and partners say about PCA 500

Dr. Abby Bleistein, Healthful Life MD

Thank you so much! I am very impressed with how easy it was to use and the results are really nice, too.

Dr. Shelly Kocher, Red Mountain Weight Loss

It was an easy process. The actual application of the leads was simple and mailing it back was super easy! I love the quality of the EKG also.

Tracy Varley Nymeyer, FIT Medical Weight Loss

Our practitioners were very impressed with the quality of the ECG/EKG, and appreciated the scan offering interpretation as well.

Meridian Clinical Research, LLC

QT Medical’s 12-lead ECG is a great solution for the fast-paced frequent ECG measurements required for clinical research.

Marshall Swor, Tampa, FL

QT Medical’s PCA 500 is quite literally a lifesaver.

Maria Abramson

Their ECG is of medical grade, incredibly affordable and very easy to use!

Dr. Michael Twyman, Apollo Cardiology

It was fairly easy to set up. The ECG looks very clean. Very cool piece of tech !

Dr. Swetal Patel, Desert TeleHEART

“The EKG is truly spectacular. I’m very impressed. I will definitely be utilizing this product.


PCA 500 streamlines the workflow

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QT Medical is pleased to invite you to visit our booth at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan !

We are honored to cordially invite you to visit our booth at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan 2021...

QT Medical Wins Taipei Biotech Award 2021 !

QT Medical Wins Taipei Biotech Award 2021 ! ...

QT Medical announces the New Strategic Partnership with LEEWAY ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. of Taiwan

QT Medical is pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with LEEWAY ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. in Taiwan...

Remote 12-Lead ECG: A Replacement, Not An Alternative!

Xpress ECG is beneficial in minimizing the exposure to potential infections and allows for reimbursements 3-5x times higher than an office ECG test. For example, a typical office ECG test billed under CPT code 93000 reimburses $18 only. By using the Xpress ECG service, physicians can order a complete medical grade ECG test online at the current cost of $30. Using the new RPM codes (99457 and 99458) since this ECG test is done by patients at home, plus the interpretation code 93010, physicians can be reimbursed for up to $102 for each Xpress ECG test. ...

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