• 03.30.2020QT Medical Launches $30 Home ECG test

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    Los Angeles, California: QT Medical, a MedTech company focusing on cardiac care with personal electrocardiogram (ECG), announces that it plans for a limited time offer of $30 per ECG test to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and telehealth services. The ECG tests will be performed using PCA 500, a complete 12-lead ECG platform that includes a super-compact recorder, a prepositioned electrode strip, mobile apps, computer interpretation, and HIPAA-compliant cloud.

    “In light of the coronavirus outbreak, elderly people and heart disease patients are at increased risk. We are offering a solution specifically for these vulnerable patients. Using PCA 500, SNFs can minimize the risk of infection by avoiding transporting patients to ECG labs, or mobile service technicians coming to the facility. Telehealth patients who need an ECG test will be able to get a full 12-lead ECG without leaving their homes. We are offering hospital-quality ECGs at a much lower cost than an ECG lab or mobile service.”-- QT Medical’s CEO Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang said in an interview.

    When the doctor from a SNF orders a PCA 500 test, a kit including a PCA 500 recorder, an electrode strip, and a mobile device will be shipped overnight to the SNF. Clear and detailed instructions are provided to the SNF staff to perform the ECG test. Telehealth patients can complete a 12-lead ECG on themselves. QT Medical had conducted a clinical trial previously and showed that minimal or no training is needed to use PCA 500. All ECGs are automatically transmitted to the cloud, and a preliminary computer interpretation is instantly available. Through the cloud, offsite physicians can review the results and make management decisions.

    The home 12-lead ECG tests will be initially offered to all SNFs in Southern California and will expand as the demand increases. For the telehealth ECG program, Dr. Chang plans to work with telehealth providers nationwide. QT Medical welcomes inquiries from all SNFs and telehealth providers.

    PCA 500 is a medical standard 12-lead ECG test ordered by healthcare providers. Patients should consult their physicians to decide if PCA 500 can help.

    ABOUT QT Medical

    QT Medical is a visionary startup that aims to make hospital grade 12-lead ECG accessible to everyone. Focusing on innovations in the field of telemedicine and home care, we continue to invest in development of products that will bring better cardiac care to patients.

  • QT Medical Unveils the Personal Cardiac Assistant 500

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    Las Vegas-- 01/11/2019 -- QT Medical announces the launch of its Personal Cardiac Assistant (PCA 500) at the world’s largest technology showcase, CES. PCA 500 is the only FDA-cleared, hospital quality 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) for personal use. QT Medical’s CEO Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang and his team exhibited the PCA 500 at the startup zone in Eureka Park.

    “Our goal at CES is to demonstrate the ease of use the PCA 500 platform provides and the benefits to patients to manage their heart disease at home. With the tremendous advancement in wearable technologies, most notably smartwatches, most consumers still don’t know the differences between a single lead ECG and a 12-lead ECG. Single lead ECG provides enough information for a rhythm diagnosis (such as arrhythmias); however, a 12-lead ECG remains the medical standard for comprehensive medical evaluation, such as for the diagnosis of arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, and importantly, heart attacks (STEMI).”-- Dr. Chang said in an interview.

    PCA 500, the innovative wireless electrocardiogram (ECG), will be available for sale to healthcare facilities in the U.S. starting Monday, January 21. PCA 500 combines hospital grade accuracy, mobile technology, advanced software and cloud-based management to set a new standard in home care. Our ecosystem enables millions of patients who suffer from chronic heart conditions to manage their own health from the comfort of their homes. A free mobile app (iOS and Android) allows patients to send their electrocardiograms to the cloud. With QT Diagnostics, QT Medical’s own diagnostic service, our network of cardiologists can interpret the ECGs sent to the cloud and provide patients at home with a detailed report so they can consult their physician for the course of action. The PCA 500 provides unparalleled convenience, accessibility and quality to cardiac care.

    PCA 500 is currently a prescription based device. Please consult your primary care physician or cardiologist to decide if PCA 500 can help you to manage your disease or symptoms.

    ABOUT QT Medical

    QT Medical is a visionary startup that aims to make hospital grade 12-lead electrocardiograms accessible to everyone. Focusing on innovations in the field of telemedicine and home care, we continue to invest in research and development of products that will bring better cardiac care to patients. Our mission is to improve heart health for everyone through superior technology, and we will not stop working until we reach the goal.


    CES is the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. CES showcases more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a conference program with more than 250 conference sessions and more than 180K attendees from 150 countries.

  • QT Medical Selected as a Finalist for CONNECT’s 2018 Most Innovative New Product Awards

    QT ECG is selected to be among 4 Finalists in the Life Science Research Tools and Medical Device Category

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    SAN DIEGO (SEPTEMBER 10, 2018) – Today, QT Medical announced that its QT ECG has been selected as a finalist in CONNECT’s Most Innovative New Product Awards. CONNECT, a premier innovation company accelerator in San Diego that creates and scales great companies in the technology and life sciences sectors, continues its thirty-one year tradition of celebrating innovation leaders in the local San Diego community.

    QT ECG system is the first hospital-quality 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) for personal use. It is a platform of entire solution for all ECG needs in one cloud-based platform using wireless mobile devices. The QT ECG system includes: world’s most compact, wireless, digital 12-lead ECG recorder; One-piece prepositioned electrode strips of 7 sizes (infants-adults); user-friendly Apps on iOS and Android devices (phone & tablets); HIPAA-complaint secure cloud server; and ECG diagnostics powered by machine learning.

    Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang, CEO of QT Medical, is a pediatric cardiologist for 20 years and Professor pf Pediatrics at UCLA. Dr. Chang said: “We are excited to be selected as a finalist in the 2018 Most Innovative New Product Awards. This is an important recognition of the technology and breakthrough product we have developed at QT Medical. Our first product, QT ECG, offers the much-needed medical grade 12-lead ECG for millions of patients with heart disease to use at home. Now FDA cleared for laypeople use, QT ECG will revolutionize the care for heart disease and disrupt the home care industry.”

    Finalists were selected in the following seven categories: Aerospace, Robotics, and Transportation; Cleantech, Sustainability, and Energy; Defense and Cybersecurity; Information Communication Technologies and Software; Life Science Diagnostics; Life Science Products (Clinical Stage) and Pharmaceuticals; Life Science Research Tools and Medical Devices.

    The 2018 Most Innovative New Product Awards presentation and dinner will be held on the evening of November 29 at Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine, 3777 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, CA 92122. Each of the Finalists will be featured in the Innovation Showcase and the Winner in each category will be announced live during the dinner.

    For a complete list of winners and additional information, please visit the CONNECT’s website:

    ABOUT QT Medical

    With the wide use of mobile and wearable technologies, the ECG industry is at a critical point of transformation. We have reinvented the ECG that will disrupt the current ECG market, and create new markets for the future. QT Medical focuses on cloud-based, AI-powered electrocardiogram (ECG) products and services. Our first product, QT ECG, is the first hospital-quality 12-lead ECG for millions of patients to use at home. We are making hospital quality 12-lead ECG available to patients at home. Our vision is to become the “Leader in ECG Technology”. We aim to bring 12-lead ECG to homes, and dominate the new and emerging ECG markets.


    CONNECT is a premier innovation company accelerator in San Diego that creates and scales great companies in the technology and life sciences sectors. By creating an environment in which entrepreneurs and C-suite executives have access to the people, capital, and technology resources they need for success, CONNECT has assisted in the formation and development of more than 3,000 companies since 1985. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most successful organizations linking entrepreneurs and C-suite executives with the resources they need for the commercialization of innovative products and services; our program has been modeled in more than 50 regions around the world.

    For more information on 2018 MOST INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCT AWARDS, visit the official website:

  • QT Medical receives the “Best Presenter Award” at the 2018 New York Venture Capital Summit

    Dr Ruey-Kang Chang, CEO of QT Medical, garners praise at the Venture Capital Summit held in New York

    QT Medical - News and Events

    New York, NY — July 11, 2018 — QT Medical, Inc.’s CEO, Dr Ruey-Kang Chang outperforms 35 other life-science and med-tech companies to receive the “Best Presenter Award” at the 18th annual New York Venture Summit.

    The New York Venture Capital Summit presented by youngStartup Ventures is one of the largest investment events. The Summit connects venture capitalists, angel investors, executives of early stage companies seeking capital, incubators, and service providers from the U.S., EU, Canada, Israel and other countries. At this year’s New York Venture Summit, over 150 top VCs and 120 startup companies were in attendance, presenting in 5 tracks representing industries including Tech, Life sciences and Healthcare, Fin-tech, Clean-tech, and Ed-tech.

    For more information, visit

  • QT Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Home-use 12-lead ECG

    QT Medical aims to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers using their cloud-based 12-lead ECG system to bring high quality cardiac care to homes.

    QT Medical - News and Events

    Los Angeles, CA — May 4, 2018 — QT Medical, Inc. received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for its revolutionary “QT ECG”, a 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) system that can be used in the home and operated by the patient themselves to perform a hospital-grade ECG scan of their hearts that is instantaneously sent through the cloud to a physician for evaluation.

    QT Medical’s technology empowers the patients to take an active role in managing their heart disease. Heart disease is responsible for 1 out of every 4 deaths in the U.S. and is the No. 1 killer world-wide. No longer do patients with heart disease have to make long trips to their cardiologists, hospitals, or emergency rooms to get diagnostic, hospital-grade ECG scans. They can now perform these tests from the comfort of their homes or anywhere with a smartphone or tablet connection, allowing peace of mind, saving time, reducing stress and improving outcomes.

    From the doctor’s perspective, QT Medical’s technology enables them to provide better and timely care to their patients. The QT ECG opens a window for the doctors to have the full cardiac diagnostic information they need at their fingertips to make an informed medical decision for their patients. Comparing to the time it takes for the patient to call for an ambulance or rush to the emergency room, QT ECG delivers crucial ECG data to doctors wherever they may be, allowing immediate diagnosis and saving precious time in determining proper management during a potential cardiac event.

    QT Medical’s ECG is a health insurance company’s magic bullet when aiming to reduce costs for patients recovering from acute cardiac care. Patients who are discharged from a hospital following coronary artery bypass surgery or placement of a coronary stent may not know whether they should return to the emergency room if they experience chest discomfort. The QT ECG connects patients with their cardiologists in almost real time. When patients have symptoms, they can quickly and easily send their ECG to the cloud for diagnosis, potentially avoiding costly, time-consuming and unnecessary visits to the emergency room. Importantly, when the home ECG shows significant changes, the cardiologist can make the diagnosis immediately and expedite the process to ensure the patient receives timely and immediate care.

    “ECG is the most commonly used test for the heart, but until now it was only available in hospitals and doctor’s offices.” said Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang, CEO of QT Medical. “When patients are empowered with the tools they need, they can take care of their disease much better. Therefore, it is our mission to bring 12-lead ECG to the homes of millions of patients.” Dr. Chang added: “In clinical trials, we proved that QT ECG can be used by patients with no training, and the results at home with QT ECG are of the same high-quality as those performed in the hospital by a technician using a much larger and costlier ECG machine.”

    “We are thrilled that the hard work here done at LA BioMed by Dr. Chang and his colleagues is coming to fruition. The development of a home-use, simple and inexpensive ECG device will save hundreds, if not thousands of lives, when adopted nationwide and beyond” said LA BioMed President and CEO Dr. David Meyer. “The concept, the development and now the device were conceived locally and will bring needed recognition to biomedical research and more jobs to Los Angeles County”.

    About QT ECG

    QT ECG is hospital-quality, medical standard 12-lead ECG that can be operated by patients at home with no need for training. The QT ECG system includes a super-compact ECG recorder, a proprietary pre-positioned electrode strip that comes in 4 sizes for adults, apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets, and HIPAA-compliant cloud.

    About QT Medical

    QT Medical, Inc. is a company specializing in cloud-connected cardiac monitoring devices and services based in Los Angeles, CA. Incorporated in 2013, QT Medical’s technology was spun off from research conducted at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute by its founder and CEO, Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang. Dr Chang is a practicing pediatric cardiologist with over 20 years of experience and has an appointment as Professor of Pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

  • QT Medical wins the People’s Choice Award in the American Telemedicine Association’s 2018 Pitch Jam

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    QT Medical, Inc., one of the six finalists, has won the People’s Choice Award in the American Telemedicine Association’s 2018 Pitch Jam competition taking place at the end of April 2018 in Chicago, IL, USA.

    QT Medical, Inc., founded in 2013, is dedicated to connecting medical practitioners and patients together through their cloud-connected ECG device. QT Medical’s ECG device has been recognized for its innovative design and for the first time in history, is giving the capability of patients to perform hospital-grade 12-lead ECG scans from the comfort of their own home while delivering the data straight into the pocket of a medical professional for immediate analysis. For more information, please visit the QT Medical’s or the American Telemedicine Association’s website for more details.

  • QT Medical CEO Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang Wins Digital Health Challenge Award at the Annual MedImmune California Translational Science Forum

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    Mountain View, California, September 26, 2017 – QT Medical, the leader in ECG technology, has announced that its CEO, Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang, has been awarded the grand prize of Digital Health Challenge - a competition held by MedImmune. The competition was part of the Digital Health Transforming Drug Development Translational Science Forum, hosted annually by MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca.

    Asthmagram -- a wearable patch for objective assessment of asthma symptoms and therapeutic controls of children with asthma, was presented and recognized by a panel of prominent industry funding experts and executives. As the Digital Health Challenge winner, Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang will receive a $20,000 cash prize along with the partnering opportunities with MedImmune and AstraZeneca.

    Competing under the idea of engaging in technologies to transform digital health, five finalists were selected from more than hundreds of companies, many of which are based in Silicon Valley and financed by venture capital. The companies were judged based on five selection criteria - Product, Technical Feasibility, Marketing/Strategy, Leadership Team, and Financial/Projection. The judges were Julia Belaya of Healthcare Innovation, Yan Cao of Diagnostics & Digital Health Catalyst, Alice Jacobs of Third Rock Ventures, Jane Osbourn of MedImmune, John Trainer of MedImmune, and Samuel Wu of Acuris Partners.

    About MedImmune

    MedImmune is an American biotechnology company focusing on infection, oncology, cardiovascular/gastrointestinal disease, neuroscience, respiratory disease and inflammation -- in the areas of products specializing for Asthma. MedImmune is a subsidiary of UK-based pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. For more information, visit MedImmune's website at

    To learn more about MedImmune Digital Health Transforming Drug Development Translational Science Forum and the Digital Health Challenge, visit and

  • And the 2nd runner-up of Asia Hardware Battle 2017 goes to…QT Medical!

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    Shanghai, China, September 16, 2017 – QT Medical, Inc., a startup company specializing in the development and manufacturing of world's most compact 12-lead ECG system, along with two other startups, fifish and Youibot, have been honored at the Asia Hardware Battle 2017. Asia Hardware Battle is an annual competition run by TechNode with the goal to source the best uprising hardware stars in the region—South Korea, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. QT Medical competed against fourteen other regional winners at the final global round under the main theme, mass innovation and entrepreneurship. Accredited industry leaders like Zhu Xiaohu (Managing Partner at GSR Ventures), Kuantai Yeh (Partner at Qiming Ventures), Grace Gu Minman (‎Principal at ZhenFund), and Markus Seidel (‎Vice President, Head of BMW Group Technology Office China) have all witnessed and honored QT medical a third-place award in recognition for its innovative and astounding solution.

    About TechNode

    TechNode is a leading international technology media platform in China. Started in 2009 by Dr. Lu Gang, TechNode began as one man’s attempt to tell the world about what’s happening in China’s tech and startup ecosystems. Since that time, we have grown into a trusted and respected information outlet, events organizer, and integral part of the tech and startup community both inside and outside of China with our partners at TechCrunch.

  • QT Medical Wins the 2017 TRANS Innovation Award

    QT Medical - News and Events

    Taipei, Taiwan, August 28, 2017 – QT Medical, Inc., a startup company specializing in the development and manufacturing of world's most compact 12-lead ECG system announces today that it has won the 2017 TRANS Innovation Award presented by TRANS 2017. The ceremony was on August 27th, at the TRANS Conference, an annual event that is curated by H. Spectrum and co-presented with YongLin Healthcare Foundation.

    The Award is organized alongside the TRANS Conference and exhibition each year from its inception in 2016 onwards, and rewards the best innovation in the designated theme every year. Industry veterans from start-ups, venture capital and industry giants, such as Google Verily, KPCB, GE Venture, gave their time and insights to speak individually and in panels. 60 international teams presented their developments and businesses within the two eventful days. QT Medical was crowned the winner as it addressed the defining theme, INNOVATION IN ASIA BETTER HEALTHCARE FOR ALL, with the new ECG technology that best improves the quality, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care in health and medicine.

    About TRANS Conference and H.Spectrum

    H. Spectrum is a startup incubator focusing on the healthcare sector, supported by the YongLin Healthcare Foundation. The core vision is to boost the trend of healthcare startups and to groom the entrepreneur community in Taiwan.

    The TRANS conference is to provide a platform for healthcare startup founders and investors in Taipei to meet and connect in one of Asia’s industry hotspots.

    More information:

  • QT Medical has been selected in the Startup Global Program held by Garage +

    QT Medical - News and Events

    QT Medical has been selected in the Startup Global Program held by Garage + - a renowned non- profit organization not only provides space for incubation but also fosters a thriving startup ecosystem supported by experienced and successful entrepreneurs.

    There are 135 digital health startups from the world competing for only 20 seats and QT Medical is one of the top companies! QT Medical will join COMPUTEX with Garage + and will look forward to meeting you face-by-face at COMPUTEX to share the amazing technology in telemedicine field with you!


  • QT Medical is among 12 finalists entrepreneurship competition hosted by Tech Coast Angels

    QT Medical - News and Events

    QT Medical is among 12 Finalists competing for the Fast Pitch Competition in celebration of Entrepreneurship hosted by Tech Coast Angels-- the largest angel investor group in the US.

    via Tech Coast Angels' Celebration of Entrepreneurship

  • CEO of QT Medical, INC., Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang, will present at LA BioMed's 4th Annual Innovation Showcase

    QT Medical - News and Events

    CEO of QT Medical, INC., Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang, will present at LA BioMed's 4th Annual Innovation Showcase on Thursday, March 9, 2017 in Manhattan Beach, CA. The innovation Showcase brings together more than 300 participants from emerging life science companies and prestigious academic institutions across California to share knowledge and research about innovation in healthcare and discuss broader issues affecting the commercialization of new therapies.

    LA BioMed is one of the country's leading nonprofit independent biomedical research institutes committed to finding practical, inexpensive solutions to real-world health problems through biomedical discovery, fostering the researchers of tomorrow, and promoting wellness in every community.

    via LA BioMed Innovation Showcase 2017

  • Arab Health Exhibition and Congress 2017

    We had a great time during QT Medical's participation in the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress 2017!

    QT Medical - News and Events

    We had a great time during QT Medical's participation in the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress 2017! Visitors witnessed our success in bringing 12-lead ECG technology to another level and were impressed by our innovative R&D ability and adaptable market applications.

    QT Medical is now enthusiastically looking for global partners who are willing to share our challenges and and excitement while exploring the potential of new regions worldwide.

  • CEO Dr. Ruey-Kang Chang discussed screening young athletes with or without ECG in the Sports Cardiology Conference held by Children's Hospital Orange County

    Keynote Speaker:

    Ruey-Kang Chang, MD
    Professor in Residence of Pediatrics, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    Chief, Division of Pediatric Cardiology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

    Pediatric cardiologist Ruey-Kang Chang, M.D., M.P.H. has focused his research on public health issues related to infants and children with heart disease.

    Educated and trained in public health and clinically trained in pediatric cardiology, Dr. Chang is interested in looking at clinical problems from a public health perspective. His research has centered on the prevention of sudden death from silent or undiagnosed heart conditions. These include infants born with critical congenital heart disease that is not diagnosed in time for proper treatment; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in competitive athletes; and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which strikes some 2,500 families in the U.S. each year.

    Conference Overview:

    The conference will create an opportunity for all those involved in the care of athletes and young individuals in general to gain up to date education relating to the effects of athletic training and the diagnosis and management of individuals with inherited cardiac diseases, in the hope of preventing tragic young sudden deaths in the future.

    This biennial event attracts the world’s leading experts on sports cardiology and sudden cardiac death in the young.

    The aim of this conference is to draw together experts in the fields of sports cardiology, inherited cardiac diseases and sudden cardiac death in the young, who will present contemporary topics and developments in their respective fields.

    Date and time:

    Friday – January 20, 2017, 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Saturday – January 21, 2017, 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


    Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel
    1600 South Disneyland Drive Sequoia Ballroom
    Anaheim, CA 92808

    Sports Cardiology & Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the Young

  • 2016 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards

    QT Medical has been named one of the 12 finalists from hundreds of nominations

    QT Medical has been named one of the 12 finalists from hundreds of nominations for the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2016 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

    The awards are named for Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, a surgeon, entrepreneur and inventor who has pioneered therapies for diabetes and cancer and holds over 95 patents. It is a huge accomplishment for QT Medical for being a finalist at this year’s Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards.

    The award ceremony for the 2016 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards will be at:

    Thursday, November 17, 2016
    8:00 AM – 11:00 AM Morning Symposium
    6:00 PM – 9:30 Awards Dinner
    Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills
    300 South Doheny Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90048


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