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Our technology focus is on electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG). Our mission is to improve heart health for everyone through superior technology.

About Us
QT Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Home-use 12-lead ECG

Faster, Simpler, Better

This is the new ECG system for the 21st century -

Compact, digital, and wireless, QT ECG works with your mobile devices (iOS& Android). Patients can perform a hospital-quality, full 12-lead ECG all in the comfort and convenience of their homes. Doctors can access the ECG tests and manage patients' data in the office, on the go, and anywhere using mobile devices.

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Powerful Features

Transforming ECG for Better Care

  • Faster

    No more placing 10 separate electrodes at specific locations on the body. Proven to save up to 70% of time during setup.

  • Simpler

    Our pre-positioned electrode strip simplifies the setup and placement procedure, enabling everyone to perform a full 12-lead ECG. Detailed data view on the tablet with an on-screen virtual caliper allows for fast lookup of interval and duration for doctors.

  • Better

    Even well trained, experienced technicians make mistakes-- 2% of ECG tests have lead-placement errors that can lead to misdiagnoses. QT ECG eliminates the risk of such errors.

  • Compact and Portable

    This compact and portable ECG device allows doctors or patients to use it anytime, anywhere.

  • Wireless

    Long, disorganized cables are replaced by a simple, one-time-use electrode strip. We have eliminated the risk of errors from connecting the cables, and decreased the risk of infection or contamination.

  • Consistent Test Accuracy

    Eliminates confusion between test result shifts caused by different lead placements versus actual clinical changes. QT ECG increases medical quality.


Sustainable Competitive Advantage

QT ECG App & Cloud

Pilot tested by UCLA cardiologists and physicians

  • Innovation

    • Functions include view, save, export, change of gain and speed, serial comparison, and caliper
    • Provide unparalleled user experience with med-grade data acquisition system
  • User Friendly

    • Exported as jpeg or PDF, Shared via email or cloud
    • Apple iPad and Android tablet ready
    • Same-patient, lead and single-beat, superimposed comparison
  • Cloud Management

    • Users can access ECG data anywhere using supported mobile devices

    • Data exchange in DICOM format

Empowering Patients with Self-Care

About Us

QT Medical, Inc. is a medical device startup incorporated in 2013. With innovative technologies, we aim to make high quality 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) available to everyone. QT ECG, the first product of QT Medical, is the world's most compact 12-lead ECG system. With its simplicity, ease of use, familiar interface by mobile technology, QT ECG is bringing hospital-quality 12-lead ECG to homes. It is optimized for high risk patients who just had coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI, i.e. coronary stent). It is also designed for home use by patients with chronic heart failure and arrhythmias.

QT ECG is digital, wireless, and mobile friendly. It is smaller than a deck of cards, fits in the shirt pocket, and works with iOS and Android phones and tablets. More importantly, our patented, proprietary electrodes can save up to 70% time in ECG procedures and greatly reduce errors related to electrode misplacement of and cable connections. In a clinical trial, we found that over 95% of patients with no training, and no experience with ECG, could do a full 12-lead ECG test after reading simple instructions. This revolutionary system will enable patients with heart disease to do timely, high quality 12-lead ECG tests at the convenience and comfort of their homes.

Focusing on innovations in the field of telemedicine and home care, we continue to invest in research and development of products that will bring better cardiac care to patients. Our mission is to improve heart health for everyone through superior technology, and we will not stop working until we reach the goal.

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